Need new equipment for your forestry business?

Equipment Capital Corp specializes in providing lease/financing to forestry companies.

As part of our Forestry finance offering, we’ll help you obtain access to the necessary equipment with terms that suit you. And your practice can continue to grow without the need to extract large chunks of capital from it.

We build strong relationships with our clients. As a TLH Financial Services client:


Who can lease Construction Equipment?

Any business can lease equipment at any stage of their development. No matter if you are just starting your new business and need that equipment to get the ball rolling or if you have been in business for years and want to expand. Contact TLH Financial Services to get started today.


We Can Help !

We can Help !

We help you find right equipment for your business

Saturday: 10:00am : 4:00pm

Mississauga, ON L5T 1P3

TLH Financial Services professionals have more than 10 years of experience in financing and business development. TLH Financial Services is your foremost source for any kind of Truck, Trailer, Heavy Equipment, Construction Equipment and Farming Equipment financing and loans.

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