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Ready to take your workspace to the next level? TLH Financial offers unbeatable office equipment leasing solutions that empower your business with cutting-edge tools without the hefty upfront costs. Elevate efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line with our flexible leasing options. Your dream office awaits – let’s make it happen together!


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Seamless Office Equipment Leasing in Canada

Experience seamless business growth with our office equipment leasing solutions in Canada. Maximize your resources without hefty upfront costs, ensuring your workspace is always up-to-date. Stay agile, efficient, and ahead of the competition. Elevate your business – explore our leasing options today!

The Benefits of Office Equipment Leasing for Canadian Businesses

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of Canadian businesses, the ability to adapt and optimize resources is paramount for sustained growth. Office equipment leasing has emerged as a strategic tool that offers a plethora of advantages for businesses looking to expand their horizons without the financial constraints of large upfront investments.

1: Financial Flexibility

Leasing office equipment provides a significant advantage by eliminating the need for substantial capital outlays. This allows businesses to preserve their cash flow and direct it towards core operations, strategic initiatives, and other essential expenditures. By opting to lease office equipment, businesses can maintain a healthier financial position and make their growth trajectory more sustainable and attainable.

2: Technological Edge

Staying at the forefront of technology is vital in today’s business landscape. Office equipment leasing enables businesses to access cutting-edge tools and technologies without the burden of ownership costs. By continually upgrading equipment through leasing arrangements, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, customer experiences, and overall competitiveness.

3: Tax Advantages

Lease payments are often considered operating expenses and may be tax-deductible. They provide businesses with substantial financial advantages. By incorporating lease expenses into tax planning strategies, businesses can optimize their tax liabilities and free up additional resources for growth-oriented investments.

4: Maintenance Included

When you lease office equipment, it often includes maintenance, servicing, and technical support. This relieves businesses from the responsibilities of maintenance and troubleshooting. It allows them to focus on their core competencies while ensuring the smooth functioning of critical equipment.

5: Upgraded Options

In a rapidly evolving business environment, flexibility is key. Leasing provides the option to upgrade equipment as business needs change over time. This adaptability ensures that businesses are always equipped with the latest tools, technologies, and functionalities. It enables them to stay competitive and responsive to market demands.

6: Rapid Adaptation

Business agility is crucial for growth. Leasing empowers businesses to swiftly adapt to market shifts, seize new opportunities, and scale their operations as required. The absence of ownership-related complexities allows businesses to be responsive and well-positioned to capitalize on emerging trends.

Why Choose TLH Financial for Office Equipment Leasing

In the hustle and bustle of running a business in Canada, you want every edge you can get. And that includes your office equipment. So, let’s dive into why TLH Financial is your go-to partner to lease office equipment and why this choice can propel your business to new heights.

Advantages of Leasing Over Purchasing

We all know the saying – “Work smarter, not harder.” Well, when it comes to office equipment, leasing is the embodiment of that wisdom. Here’s why:

Cost Savings : 
Leasing saves you from hefty upfront costs, preserving your budget for vital business areas.

Cutting-Edge Tech :
TLH Financial’s leasing provides access to the latest equipment without the price tag.

Upgrade Flexibility:
Evolving needs? No problem. Leasing allows easy equipment upgrades.

Tax Benefits:
 Lease payments often mean tax deductions, improving both cash flow and your tax strategy.


Real-World Examples of Leasing Success

Alright, enough with the theory. Let’s talk real-world results. Canadian businesses have already reaped the benefits of office equipment leasing from TLH Financial. Here are a couple of inspiring stories:Partner with us today and access comprehensive transport equipment finance solutions that empower your business to thrive. Let’s drive your success together!

Tech Startup Triumph :
One of the reputed tech startup owners needed top-tier computers for innovation. Leasing from TLH Financial freed up capital and boosted her startup’s ascent.

Small Business Success :
A cafe owner’s business thrived with a sleek espresso machine via leasing. It helped him keep his savings and cash flow intact.

Trucking Business Efficiency :
One of our client’s trucking companies enhanced efficiency by leasing advanced fleet management equipment from TLH Financial. It enabled better tracking, cost control, and operational growth.

Key Office Equipment Available for Lease

Imagine having the latest gadgets and tools at your fingertips without breaking the bank. That’s the power of leasing! Let’s explore the types of office equipment you can lease from TLH Financial and how they can supercharge your productivity.

Computers and Laptops:
Computers and laptops are the beating heart of modern workspaces. Leasing them is like having a superhero sidekick. Need a fleet of computers for your team? Leasing makes it affordable. Plus, you’ll always have the latest tech without worrying about outdated hardware.

Printers, Copiers, and Scanners:
Gone are the days of basic printers. Leasing brings you high-speed printers, copiers, and scanners that make your work life smoother. Leasing turns these dreams into reality.

Furniture and Ergonomic Accessories:
Let’s talk about that comfy chair that’s a game-changer for your back. Or that chic desk that elevates your workspace aesthetics. Leasing furniture and ergonomic accessories from TLH Financial ensures your office is comfortable and stylish. It’s all about blending comfort and class seamlessly.

Communication Systems and Phones:
Effective communication is the lifeblood of business. Leasing communication systems and phones means you’re always connected, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Projectors and Audiovisual Equipment:
Got a presentation that needs the wow factor? Leasing projectors and audiovisual equipment is your secret weapon. From boardrooms to client pitches, you’ll be presenting like a pro and grabbing attention and leaving lasting impressions.

Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency Through Leasing

Leasing different types of equipment isn’t just about having the shiny stuff. It’s about unlocking a world of productivity and efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Leasing keeps your tools up to date, from computers to scanners, minimizing downtime and boosting team efficiency.
  • With leasing, you can adapt your workspace on the fly. More desks for growth? Less phones for remote work? It’s all hassle-free.
  • Leasing keeps you tech-savvy. No outdated equipment; just the latest tech to keep your pace.
  • You can acquire high-quality equipment with lower upfront costs. Leasing unveils workspace innovation without the hefty price tag.
  • Leasing provides tax benefits and cash flow boost to businesses: It optimizes tax strategies and keeps cash flow robust. Your business’s financial health gets a boost, hassle-free.

Explore Our Seamless Leasing Process

Leasing office equipment with TLH Financial is as smooth as your morning coffee run. Here’s how the magic happens:

Equipment Selection

We have a wide selection of office equipment to choose from. Choose the tools that match your business vibe and needs. From computers that zoom through tasks to stylish furniture that elevates your workspace, it’s all up for grabs.

Lease Agreement

Time to dive into the nitty-gritty. We lay out the terms, rates, and how long the leasing policy lasts. No surprises here – just crystal-clear info to keep you in the loop.

Application and Approval

Think of this step like sending out party invites. Fill in the necessary info, like documents and details. Then, we work our magic behind the scenes to get you the green light.

Delivery and Setup

Your chosen equipment makes its grand way to your business space. Our team takes care of delivery and setup so you can focus on making your workspace feel like home.

Maintenance and Support

We’ve got your back even after the confetti settles. Need help? Reach out – we’re here to answer questions and provide support whenever you need it. And if your equipment throws a tantrum, we can help you with reaching out to your lender and maintenance team.

End of Lease Options

All good things must come to an end, right? When your lease term reaches its final stage, you’ve got options. Return the equipment and grab something fresh, upgrade to the latest and greatest. If you’ve started being used to it and finding it a productive asset for your business, you can even consider owning it.

Your Leasing Adventure Begins Here

Leasing with TLH Financial isn’t just about the equipment; it’s about the journey. From selecting your tools to setup and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way. It’s like having a friendly guide on the path to a more efficient and productive workspace. So, whether you’re a tech guru, a creative spirit, or a business maestro, your office equipment leasing adventure starts here. Let’s make your workspace dreams a reality – the TLH Financial way!

Lower Costs and Flexible Payment Choices

At TLH Financial, we understand that costs and payment options play a significant role in your leasing decision. That’s why we’ve crafted a leasing experience that’s tailored to your financial comfort zone. Let’s delve into how TLH Financial’s approach to costs and payment options makes office equipment leasing easy for you.

Affordable Leasing Rates
We get it – running a business involves juggling a lot of numbers. That’s why our leasing rates are designed to be competitive and budget-friendly. Leasing office equipment from us won’t break the bank; instead, it empowers you to access high-quality tools without the hefty price tag.
Reduced Upfront Costs
Leaping into leasing doesn’t require a giant leap of faith. With reduced upfront costs, you won’t feel the financial strain that often comes with purchasing new equipment outright. This means your capital can be allocated to other crucial aspects of your business.
Flexible Payment Plans
We know every business is unique and so are their financial rhythms. Our flexible payment plans are designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, or other payment intervals, we’re here to align with your cash flow patterns.

Navigating Canada’s Tax Advantage

Leasing office equipment with TLH Financial isn’t just a smart operational move; it’s a savvy financial decision with noteworthy tax perks. Here’s why leasing could be a winning strategy for your business’s bottom line:

Deductibility of Lease Payments

Lease payments are often tax-deductible operating expenses. This means you can lower your taxable income, which in turn reduces your tax liability.

Avoidance of Capital Expenses

When you purchase equipment outright, it often falls under capital expenses, which might need to be depreciated over time. Leasing prevents this and allows you to fully deduct lease payments during the lease term.

Potential Tax Credits

In certain scenarios, leasing might open the doors to tax credits or incentives provided by government programs. Discuss this with our experts for better understanding.

While TLH Financial’s office equipment leasing elevates your workspace, it also works wonders for your financial strategy. You’re optimizing your business’s fiscal health too. It’s a win-win play that makes your business’s journey smoother and more rewarding.


Choosing the perfect equipment is like finding your workspace soulmate. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process. We’ll understand your business needs and recommend options.

Absolutely! We’re all about flexibility. As your business evolves, your equipment needs might change. That’s why we offer easy upgrade options.

No worries – we’re in this together. If your leased equipment needs a little TLC, our team can help you with the best possible solution. We’ll ensure your workspace is up and running smoothly.

Life is all about change and your workspace should keep up. If your business is expanding and needs more equipment, we’re here to accommodate. And if things shift and you need less, we’ve got you covered.

Leasing offers its own set of perks – lower upfront costs, access to the latest tech, and flexible payment options. It’s like trying before buying without the hefty commitment.

Absolutely! If you’ve fallen in love with your leased equipment, you can often purchase it at the end of the lease term. However, this option may be available to certain equipment only.

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TLH Financial transformed my studio with their leasing service. I got the latest design software and high-performance computers without the upfront cost. It's like they customized a solution just for me!
- Sania
Leasing fleet management equipment from TLH Financial was a game-changer. We improved logistics, saved costs, and streamlined operations.
- Gurpreet Singh
I can't express how much TLH Financial's office equipment leasing has transformed our workspace. The flexible payment options make it a win-win for our budget. TLH Financial is a true partner in our journey to success. They have great leasing options. Thank you.
- Linda R.


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